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-online.html?ux=1 opensshouce: maybe a qsl is needed to remove that then !qsl | opensshouce opensshouce: The Ubuntu IRC Council reserves the right to remove or ban users' access to the channel if they violate the Ubuntu Code of Conduct or other channel rules. This includes, but is not limited to, users directly harassing other users, asking questions that are not related to Ubuntu, or attempting to start arguments or harass other users. Please see the Channel Topic and our Code of Conduct. im trying to connect with putty and i dont have the privelege to delete opensshouce: your ISP blocks that port, you need to contact them to unblock it for you. opensshouce: that port is well known to not be used for anything else than secure connections to server opensshouce: so there is no way to setup an openvpn server for that i have the privelege to do anything on that server but i dont have the privelege to delete im using the online player opensshouce: ok, then tell the operator of the server to give you access. a opensshouce: i dont know what the online player is. so its really not our problem the online player is a program i use to play videos on a website and its only from 1 site opensshouce: ask them how to solve that. there is no way to force someone to give you privelege the server i have for my computer is ubuntu and im trying to get it to work on my pc opensshouce: the online player has nothing to do with that. so it is not our problem. please ask that site to solve that issue opensshouce: we can not help you anymore on that issue. on the server its ubuntu o




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HD Online Player (Clay Pot Curry Killers Full Movie 34) leadare
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